EASy 3.50

Key Features



Advance modeling functionality and data analysis tools

EASy has been custom designed with the particularities of oceanographic applications, the needs of marine research and educational communities, and pathways for information exchange in mind. It facilitates interfacing of multivariate oceanographic data, including satellite imagery with statistical algorithms and mechanistic models. Moreover, EASy has built-in contouring package for creation of contour plots and false color images.

EASy also has a programming interface for Visual Basic, FORTRAN, and C to allow the user to integrate customized models and algorithms. In addition, EASy can export images, measurements, and model data in formats accessable from scripts created with the "R" statistical package.

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EASy supports advance modeling with additional customized modules. You can also bring in your models and interface with EASy. Here EASy runs a storm water runoff for Santa Monica
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